Survivors always tell the best stories…I got about 50 emails yesterday mainly people complaining and panicking, asking me if I’m selling off my crypto…

If you held firmly during yesterdays dip, and started picking up bitcoin and altcoins on the way down you’re certainly looking at a bigger balance in your bittrex/gdax/bitfinex account! Bitcoin got up to 15500$ from its low at around 10500$, Litecoin from 200$ to 300$, Ether from 500$ to 750$ and so on. Hope you had fun during the Crypto Christmas sale, I certainly did.

Be patient and always try to pick the right time to get in. Always inform yourself with info from different sources.

If you followed my altcoin tip for 1st Jan your portfolio is up about ~70%

So if you invested 1000$ you would be sitting on 1700$ worth of coins.

Good luck to you guys and keep reading.Thanks for all the love in the mails today!


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