Yesterday Eigencoin made an announcement regarding the lending platform release. Below you can see the info.

Let me remind you guys that EIGC was 0.7$ per coin and its now x10 with the lending rates release. Hope you got in at the ICO price!

The team would like to thank you all for sticking with us from the beginning. We have gone through thick and thin together over the past month and a half to create an incredible community and platform. We are thrilled to announce the details of our lending launch on January 15th.

After careful consideration with the team, we present you our first lending packages:

1. 60 day duration – $8.00 with a 1.25% interest rate daily

2. 100 day duration – $10.00 with a 2.0% interest rate daily

3. 199 day duration – $10.00 with a 2.5% interest rate daily

4. 299 day duration – $10.00 with a 3.0% interest rate daily

– You can lend up to 4,000 EIGC, so please make your decision carefully.

– Our promotional lending rate will last 30 days, and will be variable thereafter.

– Our promotion package will last until January 25th, and will be limited to 100 people per day.